Iced Polar Mint

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Vivaxtreme Iced Polar Mint:

Vivaxtreme Iced Polar Mint is a disposable vape device offering 7000 Puffs. It consists of a mesh coil,15ml E-Juice, 5% nicotine, and Type-C Rechargeable.

Vivaxtreme Iced Polar Mint:

Vivaxtremevapes offers an Iced Polar Mint Disposable Vape device to provide quality and accuracy at its best by aiming for customer satisfaction. This disposable vaporizer accommodates 7000 puffs and is meant to be disposed of after its life cycle. It comes complete with a mesh coil and is charged via a USB Type-C Cable. It is designed to be portable while delivering delicious flavor and vapor. The rich flavors of Iced Polar Mint with the stimulation of incredible highs make a perfect combination. The fusion of Vivaxtreme Iced Polar Mint gives a perfect high that your mind can ask for.


  1. 15 mL of E-Juice
  2. 5% Nicotine
  3. 7000 puffs per device
  4. Rechargeable battery (USB Type-C)


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