Watermelon Ice Vape

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Watermelon Ice Vape

Watermelon Ice is a disposable vape device up to 7000 Puffs with Mesh Coil. It holds 15ml E-Juice and 5% Nicotine with type-C rechargeable.

Watermelon Ice Vape

Watermelon Ice Vape, a delightful flavor that will invigorate your senses and leave you craving for more! Available exclusively at Vivaxtreme. The leading US-based online vape store, this e-liquid is crafted to perfection for an exceptional vaping experience. Experience the ultimate fusion of mouthwatering watermelon and icy menthol by adding Watermelon Ice Vape Juice to your collection. With a perfect balance of sweetness and coolness. This Product is suitable for both fruit and menthol enthusiasts. Vaping Watermelon Ice can be a great choice during hot summer days when you crave a fruity and cooling vape. It is a favorite among vapers who enjoy fruit flavors with a hint of minty freshness. The watermelon flavor provides a sweet and juicy profile, while the icy element adds a cooling effect to the overall vaping experience.

At Vivaxtreme, we prioritize quality and safety. These product are meticulously crafted using premium ingredients. That will ensure a smooth and consistent vaping every time. Each bottle undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee purity and flavor accuracy, so you can enjoy a reliable vaping experience without any compromise. Order now from Vivaxtreme, your trusted source for premium vaping products. Elevate your vaping journey with this invigorating flavor and enjoy the sensation of summertime all year round!

Features And Specifications:

  1. Premium Watermelon Ice Vape Juice already pre-filled.
  2. No need for replenishing or charging.
  3. For vaping on the go, a small and portable design is ideal.
  4. Battery with a high capacity for prolonged vaping sessions.
  5. For a genuine vaping experience, a throat hit that is pleasing and the draw is smooth.
  6. Design that prevents leaks for worry-free use.
  7. Each device produces about 7000 puffs.
  8. Available in various nicotine potencies Nicotine at 5%.
  9. E-juice in 15 mL
  10. By using high-quality materials, durability and safety are guaranteed.
  11. For adult smokers who are of legal smoking age.
  12. Adherence to industry standards and laws.
  13. Exclusively offered at Vivaxtreme, your go-to supplier of disposable vaping equipment.


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